I want to change myself
into the people that I have
always envied. The redhead
with constellations of freckles
on her skin, the blonde who
really does seem to have
more fun, and the jet black
haired woman who could
give a fuck less if a man thinks
she should be more feminine.
These women who seem
to have the entire world dangling
at the ends of their earlobes
are the people that I have
read about but have yet
to experience. These women
who have put men in their
Monday morning trash without
thinking twice. These women
who have more spine than
regret, more knowledge than
compassion, and more
wisdom of the world than
they do beauty tips.
These women, these fearless
leaders, these I could break
you into two if you touch me
again, are the women
that I have always wanted
to be able to change into.
"More than a role model," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

Anonymous asked:

bitch what the fuck did ghandi do like why would you even create a post like that

alaelia answered:

i didnt make it i only reblogged it from a friend who pointed it out.

  • Gandhi boasted of the incident in his writings, pushing the message to all Indians that women should carry responsibility for sexual attacks upon them.”
  • Gandhi believed Indian women who were raped lost their value as human beings.”
  • He argued that fathers could be justified in killing daughters who had been sexually assaulted for the sake of family and community honour. “
  • Incest. “He took to sleeping with naked young women, including his own great-niece, in order to “test” his commitment to celibacy.”

he wasn’t a saint.




it would b cool if someone could source this shit

  • one (misogynist, rape defending, incest
  • two (anti black)
  • three (racism)
  • four (rape)
  • five and six (anti semitic)
  • seven (sexually exploited women)

he also would sleep naked with young girls, usually 12 years old or under, one of them related to him by blood, to test if he would want to have sex with them or not. theres a lot of questions surrounding whether he ever did have sex/rape any of them but i have no solid evidence proving those statements.