What use is prayer,
penance, worship,
when your heart
loves another?

Friend, tie yourself to God;
you can not meet God through wisdom alone.

Toss aside greed
and people-pleasing;
throw away lust,
anger, and pride.

Religious practices
tie people down with self-pride:
They all get together
and worship a stone.

Kabir says,
‘I have found God through devotion;
by becoming simple-hearted
I met God.’


Songs of Kabir in the Adi Granth, 

translated by Nirmal Dass,

SUNY Press, NY

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Screw stardust; be iron instead.
Be the element that creates stardust.
Be the element that causes the largest stars to explode.
Be the element that is strong enough to collapse an entire universe.
-k.m | supernovae (via aesthesos)

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